Where can I get my racenumer?

Participants living in the Netherlands and enrolled before January 13, will get their racenumber sent to their home-address. Participants living outside the Netherlands will receive their racenumber at Schouwburg Orpheus (near to the start) on the day of the event. There will be a separate desk where you will receive the documents after showing a print of the confirmation mail that you did receive after subscription.

Please get your racenumber no later than 30 minutes before the start.

What chips can I use?

A mandatory Bibtag, integrated in the racenumber will be used. Any other chip will not be accepted.

Do I have to give the racenumber back to the organisation at the end of the race?

No, you can take it home if you like.

Can I park near the start??

No, you can’t. If you come by car, please use the special appointed parkinglots and make use of the shuttlebusses.

How do I get to the start by public transport?

There will be shuttle busses from the main trainstation to the start.

When will the subscription close?

Subscription closes January 13 2018, (23:59h)

Can I enter the race on the day itself?

No, it’s not possible to enter the race on the day of the event.

Is it possible to check whether I am registered correctly?

Yes. you can. On the registration page there is a link that you can use to check your registration.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry, but that is not possible. If you are not able to participate, you can hand your racenumber over to someone else. Please inform us about it, so we can show the right name in the resultlist.

Can I change the distances?

Only changes to a shorter distance are possible. Up to January 13, the distance can be changed. Please sent a request to contact@midwintermarathon.nl. After that date changes are not possible.

Changes to a longer distance is not possible, due to the complexity of the administration.

Where can I change?

It depends on the distance you are running.

– Asselronde – school Sprengeloo, Sprengenweg 81

– Mini-Marathon – Parking of theatre Orpheus

– Acht van Apeldoorn – Rabobankzaal in Schouwburg en Congrescentrum Orpheus

– For the ladies there is a dressingroom in the Heuvellaanschool, Burglaan

If you can’t find the dressingroom, please ask in Theatre Orpheus. There are people available to help you.

Suppose I want to stay the night before in a hotel?

Here you’ll find interesting hotel deals.

You will find maps of the tracks on the page of the specific distance.

When will the results be available?

In the evening of the event you will find the results on www.midwintermarathon.local

Is it possible to get my name removed from the resultlist?

The fact that you participate in this event also means that you agree with the publication of your name, result, photo and video on the internet. For that reason we will not act on a request to remove you from the resultlist. Only in the case of a very serious reason, the organisation will consider to act on a removal request.

Will there be a peronalized certificate?

Yes, as soon as the results are published you will be able to download and print a certificate..

After the race you can get your results engraved at the back of your medal at the engraving stand in Orpheus.

Costs: € 8,00

Where can I get refreshments during the run?

Distances longer than 8 km will have refreshments at every 5 km.

For the Acht van Apeldoorn there is water available at the 4 km post.

Our partner SportvoedingWebshop.com provides the sports drink service. At the refresh stations the sports drink is distributed in cups, in the Start / finish area there is the sports drink street with 15 tables with taps where runners can fill their cups themselves. Runners get the lemon taste at the refresh stations. At the sports drink street in the Start / finish area, other flavors are available in addition to the lemon flavor.

All distances have fully paved roads, except the Asselronde (25km) which has a sector of about 2 km forest (sand) road.
The Marathon on Saturday is ,from start to end, on forestpaths.

Are there separate starting areas?

Yes, there are. Your racenumber has a letter (W, A, B, C etc) which indicates the starting area.

When does the timekeeping stop?

We stop the registration of the results at 4:30 PM (16:30). Participants of all distances, passing the finishline after that moment will not occur in the resultslisting.

Will there be pacers?

Runners of the Track and Fieldclub AV’34 will be pacers at all distances.

They will be wearing a yellow shirt with the word PACER. Above their head there will be  white balloon with their target arrival time.

For the 10 Miles, targettimes will be 1:10, 1:20 and 1:30

For the 25km, targettimes will be 1:55, 2:05 and 2:20

But please check the targettimes on the balloons, because the can change.