Midwinter Marathon 2021 cancelled

It has never happened in the history of the Midwinter Marathon! But COVID-19 
also ends the 48th edition of the Midwinter Marathon. We have waited, hoped 
and worked out plans, but it is clear that a large-scale event like the Midwinter 
Marathon cannot be held. The Cabinet press conference last Tuesday evening has 
made it clear that no relaxation is expected for the time being. In fact, the 
likelihood of more stringent measures is more likely. If we look at the daily 
figures of the RIVM, the concern that there is more infections around Christmas 
and New Years, we expect that it will take many months before public events are 
possible again. And it is likely that large-scale vaccinations will have to be
 carried out before this can be the case again.

As a board, we decided on Thursday evening December 10 not to continue with the 
preparations for the 48th edition. We have also decided not to set an alternative 
date in 2021. We are a volunteer organization and two events within a period of 
six months and the pressure on the running calendar in September - October means 
that we have also decided to do so.

It is annoying but unfortunately we cannot decide otherwise. The weekend of 
February 5, 6 and 7 will be strange without the Midwinter Marathon. No runners, 
no audience, no flags, no speaker none of that. Strange the Midwinter Marathon that 
always goes on …… rain, snow, cold: it has never been a problem. COVID-19 now does.

We hope to see you again at the start of the edition 4, 5 and 6 February 2022!


Routes of our distances

Routes of our distances

Here you can see the routes of our distances. Combi map with all routes.