Dutch participants should use the Dutch version of this page by clicking on the Dutch flag (Top right)!

On the day itself, there is no late registration!

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If you’re not sure if you are registrated, please check:
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Participants from outside the Netherlands need to collect their racenumber in Orpheus on the day of the event.  Please collect your racenumber at least 30 minutes before the start of your run.

Participants will receive a confirmation letter. Participants living outside of the Netherlands, will receive their racenumber (with the integrated Bibtag) when showing this confirmation letter at the desk in Schouwburg Orpheus on the day of the run.

Registration fees

• Acht van Apeldoorn (8 km) € 10,-

• Mini-Marathon (10 miles) € 16,-

• Asselronde (25 km) € 25,-


The traditional green and yellow Championchips cannot be used anymore. Instead we are using a Bibtag, integrated in your racenumber.