The course around Apeldoorn has for years been known as one of the most challenging races in the Netherlands. Participants run through the beautiful wooded surroundings of Apeldoorn, Hoog Soeren and Assel. Start point and finish line are in the ‘Royal’ Loolaan.

The Asselronde is for many the ideal preparation for a marathon later in the year!


The fee for this distance is € 30.

All runners who have registered and paid will be sent the racenumber by mail if they live inside the Netherlands. All participants will receive a confirmation letter.

Participants living outside of the Netherlands, will receive their racenumber when showing the mentioned confirmation letter at the desk in Schouwburg Orpheus on the day of the run. Schouwburg (Theatre) Orpheus is very close to the startlocation. Please collect the racenumber at least 30 minutes before the start.

Please note: There is no registration on the day of the event!!

Route + Height profile

Route map (click on the map to enlarge):

Height profile of the Asselronde:




Dressing rooms

There are various dressing rooms where you can choose from.
– Orpheus theater, Rabobank room, no showers.

– Gym on Burglaan 44 / Bosweg, the entire gym is available for changing clothes, showers available.

– Gym on Heuvellaan 1, the entire gym is available. There are showers available.

The changing rooms are a short walk from the start / finish and Orpheus.

Medical care / refreshments posts

There are refreshment posts along the route (5.5 km, 10.1 km, 15 km, 20.3 km) providing water, sport drinks, tea and fruit. At the finish sports drinks and tea are handed out.

Medical care is available at the start and finish line as well as along the route. A Red Cross post is situated near every refreshments post.

Starting boxes

Please note: different layout of starting courses at Asselronde

You must specify an expected end time when registering. Based on this, you will be assigned to a certain starting section (A, B or C). You will find this letter on your starting number. At the entrances to the starting sections, a check is made to see if you are in the right section.

For the Assel round, a different starting section applies to the other distances. Because the distance must be exactly 25 km, the starting line of the Assel round is slightly backwards compared to the other starts. The start of the Assel round is therefore in section W. The participants are divided – on the basis of their expected end time – between sections A (runners), B and C.

Time limit and results

All runners who finish the Asselronde within 3 hours will be listed in the end results.

The results of the race will appear on the website shortly after the race.


All runners who finish the Asselronde receive the special Midwinter Marathon Memento.

As soon as the results are available on the website, it is also possible to download a personalized certificate stating your name and result and an indication of your position.


In the week after the “Midwinter weekend” you will receive an aftermagazine with your personal finish photo and photos and videos from all distances. So you can enjoy it again!


Can I still register on the day itself?

Post-registration is not possible. This applies to all distances from our event. You can only register online. Look for more information on the relevant distances page under “registration”.


Do you use chips for time registration?

With the Midwinter Marathon the chip is integrated in the starting number. The use of this chip is mandatory, other chips cannot be used. You can take the start number (with chip) home afterwards. The starting number with chip can only be used once and is therefore not suitable for other events.



How do I get my starting number?

If you live abroad, you can collect your starting number on the Sunday of the Midwinter Marathon in Theater & Concert Orpheus on presentation of the confirmation e-mail. 


How do I get to Theater & Concert Orpheus on Sundays?

Click here for all information about accessibility on Sundays.

Are there starting sections at all distances? And how is the classification determined?

In the Assel round the starting sections are arranged differently, because the starting line (only from this distance) is in section W. The runners are therefore in box A and the other participants in boxes B and C.

The starting line is slightly backwards so that the participants in the Asselronde walk exactly 25 km (certified). The finish line is the same for all distances.

Is there again a certificate available this year with my result?

Yes. As soon as the results are available on the website on Sunday evening, it is also possible to download and print a personal certificate.

Can I park at the start?

No. On Sundays, there is a parking ban in the area around Theater & Concert Orpheus and Loolaan (towing-away arrangement!) In addition, a number of roads have been closed. The police are also fining wrong-parkers in order to prevent nuisance for residents in surrounding streets. The Orpheus parking garage is also not available on Sundays.

Participants from outside Apeldoorn are therefore urgently requested to use the transferia and shuttle buses as much as possible or to use public transport.

Can I check if my registration went well?

On the “Register” page there is a link (“Control link”) to a form with which you can check whether you are registered correctly.

When using the Transfer Form (only possible in January), the new information will NOT be visible via the Control Link.

Can I still adjust the distance I specified when registering?

If you have registered for the Acht van Apeldoorn, Mini-Marathon or Asselronde you can change distance, but only if it concerns a change to a shorter distance. Changing to a longer distance is not possible. If you still want to walk a longer distance, you have to register again. You can redo the starting number for the original distance to another runner. After the registration has been closed, this change is no longer possible.

This can be done by clicking on the link to the change form that is present in the confirmation e-mail that you receive after entering the registration. Not all data can be changed, the distance you want to walk is e.g. cannot be changed using this form. If you want to change something that cannot be changed via this form, send an email to

After the registration is closed, the data is processed to produce the starting numbers and it is no longer possible to change your distance. The organization reserves the right, in certain cases, to refuse a rebooking if the distance to be rebooked is already full.
If you want to walk a shorter distance after the registration has closed, you are allowed to do so, but you will not receive a new starting number. Then start at the shorter distance with the starting number you have. The starting box is maintained. The results are not automatically adjusted.

Can I transfer the starting number to someone else?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot participate in one of the distances of the Midwinter Marathon, there is a possibility to transfer the starting number to another runner. The way in which this must be done differs depending on the time at which it must be arranged.

Before the end of the registration period it is possible to transfer the registration via the Change form. The link to this change form is present in the confirmation email that you received immediately after registration. If you have transferred the registration in this way to another runner / runner, send the link to the change form or the confirmation e-mail where the link is, to the new runner / runner. He can then make any changes himself.

The aforementioned method is no longer possible after the registration has been closed. Then use the following method:

A few days after the registration closes, a link to a Transfer form appears on the “Register” page. The moment you know the definitive starting number, the number that is printed on the starting ticket, you can use this form. It is NOT usable for participants in the Crown Domain Het Loo Marathon. If you want to transfer the starting ticket for these distances, mail to with the details of the new runner. In any case Name, Date of Birth, M / F, Distance and also the e-mail address.

If the registration is closed, the process of creating and sending the bib numbers is started. The original owner of the bib number is responsible for ensuring that the (physical) bib number ends up with the new runner. Names on the bib number are not changed by the organization and the organization does not send a new bib number to the new runner.

Can I get myself removed from the results list?

Participating in a part of the Midwinter Marathon means that you agree with the publication of name, result, photo and video on the internet. Removal from the results is therefore not possible in principle. Only if there is a demonstrably very serious reason can you process a request for removal from the result by us.

Can I have my end time engraved in the medal?

After the Asselronde, Mini-Marathon and Acht van Apeldoorn it is possible to have your medal engraved with your end time and name in Theater & Concert Orpheus (stand Winterman Sports). If you want to make use of this, check the box with the engraving medal on the registration form. With pre-registration the costs are € 8. On the day of the event you pay € 10 for engraving.

Can I cancel my registration?

It is not possible to cancel your registration. You do not have to unsubscribe. Since we do not have your starting number (you will receive it at the specified address), we cannot re-issue this starting number.

If you cannot participate, you can redo your starting number. Then check if there is already a Transfer form on our website to transfer the starting number to another name. This Transfer Form will be published on our website around the time the start numbers are sent (end of January). If the transfer form is filled in correctly, the details of the new runner will be stated in the result.

Refund of the registration fee is in principle not possible. The 14-day cooling-off period – which applies to the online purchase of goods – is also not applicable here. This statutory cooling-off period does not apply to a leisure activity agreed on a specific date.

If you want to transfer your starting number to another runner / runner before the end of the registration period, this is also possible by passing on the details of the new runner / runner via to the organization.

However, the organization does not regulate the payment of the registration fee of the new to the old participant.

Can I start in another start box?

It is only permitted to start in another start section if the new start section is further back. So you have starting section B, but you want to start with a friend in starting section C, then you can. But starting box B to A is therefore not allowed.

Until when can registration be made?

Registration closes on January 9, 8 PM *). If you register before this time and your payment is received by us, participant living in the Netherland will receive starting number and further information by mail. Participants living abroad can pick up the starting number and further information in Orpheus on Sunday on presentation of the confirmation letter. 

We do not use a waiting list for runners who were late in registering. So it makes no sense to send us an email about this.

*) If a distance has reached the maximum number of registrations, the registration for that distance will be closed. That can therefore be earlier than the aforementioned date. For more information, see the relevant distance page under “registration”.

Where can I find information about the course?

On all distance pages you will find a “tab” Route map, Altitude profile and Course video. There you will find the information about the course.

When will the results be available?

The results of all distances can be found on our website on Sunday evening.

Which sports drink is provided?

Our partner provides the sports drink service.

At the refreshment stations along the way, sports drink (lemon flavor) is distributed in cups.

After the finish you will come to a sports drink street consisting of 15 tables with taps where runners can fill their cups themselves. In addition to the lemon flavor, other flavors are also available here.

Are the changing rooms within walking distance?

Most changing rooms are a short walk from the start / finish. The shuttle bus between Transferium West and Orpheus (start / finish) stops both on the way there.

Changing rooms:

  • Theater & Concert Orpheus, no shower facility
  • Changing facility Burglaan 44/Bosweg, shower facility
  • Changing facility Heuvellaan 1, shower facility.


Are there options for spending the night?

In the municipality of Apeldoorn and are the necessary hotels, holiday parks and a Stayokay. Every year we make advantageous agreements with a number of hotels. Look HERE for more information about these hotel packages.


Are there any pacers that we can follow?

Runners from athletics club AV’34 will act as pacers during the Acht van Apeldoorn, the Mini-Marathon, the Asselronde and the Marathon trail.

For the Acht van Apeldoorn (8 km) the target times are: 48, 56, 1.04 minutes.
For the Mini Marathon (10 English miles) the target times are: 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30.
The target times for the Assel round (25 km) are: 1.55, 2.05, 2.15 and 2.25.

The target times for the Marathon Trail (42 km) are: 3.30, 4.00, 4.30, 5.00 and 5.30.

How are the pacers recognizable?

They are recognizable by a yellow shirt with the word PACER on it. A white balloon hangs above their heads, the target time is on the balloon. Each pacer has 2 starting numbers, 1 on the chest and 1 on the back. The start time will also appear on the start number. All pacers have the same color start number, orange. The name ‘pacer’ appears next to the end time.

Are there refreshments on the way?

On Sunday (Asselronde, Mini-Marathon, Acht van Apeldoorn) there are refresh stations en route. Click on the relevant distance and look at “refresh points” for more information.

How can I order a Midwinter Marathon running shirt?

Every year we publish a special running shirt for the Midwinter Marathon. If you fill in the registration form for your distance, you can order the running shirt directly there.

We only have a limited number of shirts available so order on time. And because the production and shipping of a running shirt takes time, we only have a limited number of shirts to order.

Shirts are sent at home, only at a Dutch address, so no orders outside the Netherlands. Shirts can not be picked up on the day of the event. Given the time required for production, ordering after 18 December is no longer possible.

The running shirt is not available in children’s sizes.

How to get your racenumber

Where can I get my racenumer?

Participants living in the Netherlands and enrolled before end of registration period, will get their racenumber sent to their home-address. Participants living outside the Netherlands will receive their racenumber at Theater & Concert Orpheus (near to the start) on the day of the event. There will be a separate desk where you will receive the documents after showing a print of the confirmation mail that you did receive after subscription.

Please get your racenumber no later than 30 minutes before the start.

Medical details on the back of starting number

For your own safety, we ask you to enter the medical details on the back of the starting number. If a medical incident occurs, the emergency services know how to act.

Can’t find your answer? Then view our frequently asked questions page.


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